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Products to help with surgery recovery and other foot issues


Recovering from a foot or ankle procedure can be difficult, but one thing is for sure – If you are in recovery, you are much closer to full health and comfort than before treatment. Any progress is a feat to be proud of, and our spa products can help with maintaining healthy feet and ankles as well as a positive attitude.

Post Surgery is one of the most sensitive times for a patient, and Amerigel products ensure that the healing process stays free of complication. The Amerigel Surgical Kitincludes saline, bandages, gauze and the Hydrogel Wound Dressing which controls fungus and inflammation, is antimicrobial and prevents outside dirt and debris from entering the surgical site. For and anti-inflammatory and pain relief, Biofreeze has aided countless patients in their discomfort dealing with Plantar Fasciitis, arthritis, bruises, strains and sprains.

Topical Treatment Products run the gamut from preventative care to more severe symptom management. Dry, cracked heels can often lead to painful callous buildup, or act as an entrance site for bacteria and fungus. RevitaDerm40 or CeraVe foot creams each provide medical strength revitalization and moisture to help prevent such an occurrence. Pairing with an exfoliator such as Calicylic Cream increases the chance of best result from a moisturizing product.

A highly effective Anti-Fungal with quick, easy application is Formula 3 with Tolnafate. This product is meant to penetrate nail tissue and attack the fungal growth area. In some more highly developed cases, Kera Nail Gel can be used to soften the hypertrophic nail plates and allow the Formula 3 to better work its magic. Considering the amount of ways to contract Athletes’ Foot, very few people can count themselves out as a possible contractor. Clarus Antifungal Cream also contains the penetrating agent Tolnafate, attacking the more widespread fungal growth of Athletes’ Foot.


We all need some support from time to time, particularly when dealing with the nagging discomfort of foot and ankle issues. Our array of Sleeves and Pads are readily available as a simple solution to a persistent problem. The Metatarsal U Pad comes in felt or foam for maximum pain relief of the bottom or ball of the foot. Gel Smart Digital Tubes are able to be trimmed for size depending on which toe needs protection from irritation associated with corns, nail problems, dry cuticles and abrasions. Silipos Digital Padsprovide a cushioned area to reduce pain from callouses, blisters, soft corns andhammertoes. Finally, B-2 Splints can be used to help re-align the big toe in order to try avoiding corrective surgery for hammertoes.

In the event that surgery needs to be performed, a Surgical Shoe is crucial in protecting and offloading the pressure from a post-surgical, wound or fracture site. A more sudden injury like a sprain, or a long-standing bum ankle both benefit from being supported by aNylon Ankle Brace before any physical activity. Most commonly associated with over working or over use of the foot and ankle muscles, Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis affect a huge number of people every day. The Powerstep Ultrastretch Sockprovides a comfortable stretch to the calf and soft tissues associated with these painful conditions.

For those in the Podiatry community, Insoles are not an item you pick up in passing at the drug store. In fact, they provide orthopedic benefits that help diffuse pressure from problem areas causing discomfort while performing everyday activities. Our selection includes Redi-Thotic Arch Supports, a single option to be considered by anyone experiencing soreness, or Quadrasteps supports which are semi-customized based on foot type. Dr. Jill’s Gels Ball of Foot Cushions are washable, reusable, and self-sticking gel cushions designed to provide padding in treating Metatarsalgia and Neuromas.

For additional information on these and more products in our office, please contact us by phone or email. We are more than happy to help you navigate the best choice to optimize your podiatric health and pain management.