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Types of Services and Treatment We Offer at Advanced Foot and Ankle

Is your condition painful, unsightly, or even life-threatening? At Advanced Foot and Ankle, we can provide lasting relief for many foot, ankle, and toenail conditions. Click here for a full listing of our podiatry care services.

Heel and Arch Pain

Are you tired of experiencing pain in your feet day in and day out? The podiatry team at Advanced Foot and Ankle Wellness Center can help discover what is causing your discomfort. We take the time to listen to our patients’ concerns and perform diagnostic testing onsite, allowing us to find lasting solutions to keep them on their feet.

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Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes patients are especially at risk of suffering serious foot injuries. At Advanced Foot and Ankle Wellness Center, we help our patients prevent life-threatening foot ulcers by providing continual, compassionate, and thorough foot care. Whether you are suffering from neuropathy, Charcot foot, drop foot, or want to know the best injury prevention techniques, our podiatry team can devise a foot care routine that works for you.

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Nail and Skin Care

The skin and nails on your feet can take a beating, and small injuries can turn into major problems if not treated quickly. At Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center, we know that the health of your feet starts on the outside. Find out how our podiatry team can help with fungal nails, ingrown toenails, plantar warts, athlete’s foot, and other unsightly or painful toenail problems.

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Many patients come to us at their wits’ end, suffering painful conditions that they have coped with for years. Advanced Foot & Ankle Wellness Center, has the facilities to perform many types of surgical procedures, including ingrown toenail removal, bunion surgery, hammertoe correction, tendon surgery, and more. If your condition has progressed to the point where conservative measures are no longer effective, we can counsel you on your surgical options.

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Sports Injuries

Attempting to “fight through” foot and ankle pain can result in a serious injury. We can help athletes recover from turf toe, sprains, strains, tendonitis, and stress fractures in the feet and ankles. If you are suffering from a recurrent injury, we can design custom orthotics to keep you running longer and prevent your condition from coming back.

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