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Our team can help to diagnose the cause of your pain, treat the underlying cause of your foot pain, and fix your foot pain long term. Our hope is that this allows you to still continue to do the things you love and avoid surgery for your foot problem. Keep reading to check out our podiatry services in King of Prussia.

Foot Pain IN King of Prussia

Having foot pain on your first step out of bed in the morning?

Heel Pain that's stopping you from walking?

Sore or weak ankles and ankles that roll in when you stand?

Are your feet killing you from working all day?

Do you get Shin pain when running or working out?

Foot pain and lower limb pain are widespread. When left untreated, it can lead to other issues such as the inability to exercise, weight gain, worsening arthritis, and other medical problems.

Let us help you enjoy your life by fixing your foot pain.

Routine Treatment

Routine Foot Care treatment will take care of any area of concern such as corns, callus, thickened nails, cracked or splitting skin. With modern equipment and professionally sterilized instruments, your safety and effective treatment is our primary concern. Routine Foot Care treatments will maintain the health and beautification of your foot health while preventing pain & further complications.

** For some insurances, you may need a specific medical diagnosis to qualify for routine foot care coverage under your insurance plan. Please call our office to find out if you are eligible for this coverage and/or discuss self-pay options.

Problem Toenails

Damaged/Unsightly Nails?

Discolored Nail? Ingrown Nail? Painful Nail?

We see lots of toenails all the time, so we are confident that whatever is bothering you about your nail, we can help you! We also have pain-free ways to treat ingrown toenails.


Plantar warts are another frequent appearance at our office. We see them commonly on the bottom of the foot, but they can develop anywhere.

Warts sometimes are confused with corns due to overlying hard skin. You can differentiate warts by the presence of tiny black spots and see if skin lines are distorted.
We offer a range of treatment options for warts. We aim to work within your lifestyle, comfort level, and the size of the wart.

Flat Feet

Do you have flat feet? Is your child flat-footed and complaining of pain in their ankles, feet, or lower legs?

Many people with flat feet do not experience foot pain. However, in some children and adults, a flat or dropped arch can cause the following symptoms:

  • Pain in your arches
  • Pain in your ankles
  • Pain in your hips
  • Pain in your back
  • Pain in your lower limbs
  • Tired or achy feet after you stand or play sports

If you or your child have flat feet and often experience pain in your feet, leg, hips, or back with movement, make an appointment today.

Chronic Pain

(Reducing/Resolving chronic pain)
Pain that lasts for more than a few months is considered chronic pain and can have a severe effect on your well-being.

Book an appointment today and together, we’ll explore the source of your pain and create a program that provides the right treatment.

Fall Prevention

Do you experience difficulty with walking or balance that keeps you from going about everyday life?

We can help! Book A Fall Risk Assessment Today!

Our goal is to help people who may be at risk for falling and to help them improve balance, confidence, and safety as you go about your daily activities.

Fact: One third to one-half of elderly people living at home tend to fall or do fall. Among 65-year-old women nearly one in three will fall. After age 85, over half of women will suffer a fall. In fact, Medicare and the CDC now recommends that everyone over the age of 60 get an annual assessment of fall risk. Don't become a statistic schedule your fall risk assessment today.


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Dr. Wawrzynek sees non-emergent patients from 8am-1pm Monday and Friday and Weds from 1:00pm to 7:00pm. With the last appointment being scheduled at 11:45am on Monday and Friday and 6:45pm on Weds. **Special accomodations can be made for emergency visits if condition is warranted**

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